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    Good electrical analysis of the characteristics of the timer and the use scope
    Published: 2015/5/15 14:17:55   

    Professional r &d and production, good electric timer, micro-motor series products. Introduce large today are some of the characteristics and the scope of using a timer. A small timer, has its unique characteristics, and the broad scope of application, it is the biggest surprise.

    Product features:

    1, set LCD display

    2, patent of appearance design

    3, copper structure optimization design, longer life

    4, minimum setting time is 1 minutes and can be set up to 20 groups on and off every day, every week can be set up 140 sets

    5, high electrical conductivity of copper, nickel plating processing, the rust prevention, less heat

    6, daylight saving time/winter time functions

    7, use rechargeable batteries

    Scope of application:

    1, in the peak valley price difference, can use high-power electrical appliances to run automatically at low price stage.

    2, is used to control household appliances need to open and close regularly. Such as: water machine, water heater, air conditioning, electric cooker, advertising lighting, etc.;

    3, is used to control the electrify time length. Such as: electric bicycle batteries, cell phone batteries, battery charging;

    4, frequent on and off the electricity. Such as intermittent irrigation of flower beds, lawns, cyclical aerobic filter tank, fountains, etc;

    5, family security system of automatic control.

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